The following photographs are of Phase II construction of the Robert Brownlee Observatory, at the MSAS Astronomy Village.

Construction began in July and ended in Sept. of 2000.

MSAS is proud to announce that final funds for the observatory structure have been acquired from the Robert Brownlee Foundation. Thanks to their generous grant, the MSAS Astronomy Village will be home to the Robert Brownlee Observatory. The dome is to arrive on site sometime in July, 2000 with expected completion assembly in August.

Stay tuned for construction updates as they occur!


Mr."Dust" Beach and his tractor arrived at the MSAS Astronomy Village on July 17th. Excavation for the observatory pad began with digging the footings and the telescope pier.
Observatory pad development

By July 20th, proper building and safety inspections were complete and the first of two concrete pours was underway.
Electrical needs were met and the footings and telescope pier were poured.
With the 1st cement pour complete, MSAS Treasurer Joe Parker video tapes the wonderful results.

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