Assembling the observatory, 2000


Traveling from Australia, John and his associate Mr. Doug McClintock arrived several days ago to construct the observatory. The un-assembled structure arrived on August 4th, late in the afternoon. On Saturday the 5th of August the process of assembly began. Two MSAS staff members (Dillon Ross and Alex Parker) assisted the "Aussies" with this great task. Within a few hours a dome was born on the MSAS concrete slab.


It began on August 4th when a very large United Van Lines truck arrived. A very nice driver and his son opened the back door, and there it was - the long awaited observatory. This driver REALLY knew what he was doing to deliver the load as close as possible to the site.

The construction process began after moving section by section of the observatory from the parking lot below to the top of the hill at the MSAS Astronomy Village.

Each piece was prepared for assembly. Tools and supplies were obtained from throughout our community.

Early Saturday morning the dome started to take shape. Within hours the dome of the observatory was complete and the electrical components were tuned. The Robert Brownlee Observatory's dome now stands proud!

Early tomorrow, August 6th, the walls of the observatory will be assembled. A crane will lift the dome off the pad and walls will be constructed underneath it. Then the dome will be carefully lowered into place on top of the walls.

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