MSAS proudly announces.....


On December 19th, 2000 the MSAS Board of Directors unanimously voted to name the MSAS Astronomy Village library after long time supporters and generous donors Webster and Mary Alice Parker.


Appropriately the library will carry their names as the Parkers are avid readers and lifelong learners. Their library will continue to carry the torch of learning, promoting the advantages and joys of exploration and the fulfillment of discovery.

MSAS is so very appreciative of Mr. and Mrs. Parker's financial and verbal support over the years. Additionally, we recognize that they share the MSAS vision of an even brighter future through pragmatic science education.

It is their continued support and others like them that propels the achievements of MSAS into the new Millenium!


Webster and Mary Alice Parker


A formal dedication ceremony took place in the spring of 2001.

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