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Rare and unique

PEPSI Space Can


Front and back of can shown.




Unique design produced by Pepsi for the Astronauts to

use in micro-gravity.

(this can was NOT flown and is empty)

This can was produced in 1985.

Excellent Condition!

Pepsi Space Can

Item # PSSC $ $125.00




Extremely UNIQUE item!

Authentic International Space Station (ISS) Material

This material has been heat tested, would have been made into space rated hardware for the ISS. Made by Timet, delivered to McDonnell Douglas to be used in the ISS. This item will come with a copy of original documentation.

Size: 2" x 1.5" x 4"

Item # ISSblock: $ 399.00




Top photo shows ISS Block for sale - 2nd photo of ISS corner block (not for sale) and ISS Beryllium sheet (not for sale).

Authentic Space Shuttle Tile Material

Made in the late 1970's for the first Space Shuttle



(in stock)

Item # SSTM: $25.95


  NASA Seeds flown in space.

These seed were flown in space aboard the LDEF which was launched April 6, 1984, on the Space Shuttle Challenger and returned to earth January 20, 1990, on Space Shuttle Columbia.

Yes, it flew on the Columbia & the Challenger shuttle space craft!


(in stock)

Item #: SES $65.00


Note: Canister number and layer will vary from pack to pack



Vial contains polystyrene beads (10 mm dia.) in solution,

Made in space aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger (STS 6) in 1983. (one left)

ITEM #: PlyBds $ 150.00


K/T Boundary material from Alberta, Canada!

Confirmed for Iridium.

starting at only $ 10.00

K/T Boundary material from Alberta, Canada! $25.00 size

Call for larger sizes !



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