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RARE Collectible Space items!



Meteorite necklace

Item #GS6-38




International Space Station Boeing

Dome Paperweight

Item #GS6-9





Item #GS6-41 Price $6.99 ea

Newly designed Star Gazer's 3" embroidered patch!

   tshirt.jpg (22631 bytes) T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more with full MSAS Raccoon logo, Mountain Skies text only logo or MSAS Astronomy Village text. Call for prices. NEW stock arriving all the time.

We also carry a variety of government military surplus clothing and goods. Including hand warmers, chemical suits: Large- XXXS, gloves, hats, belts, camo purses, jackets, coats and cold weather underwear. Call for sizing and availability of stock.

NEW!: astronaut socks, MRE's like the astronauts eat, Rite in the Rain notebooks, USA antenna balls, call for prices.


Halcycon Days Enamels

Vintage old stock (no paper work)

Beautiful pill holder!

Item # GS6 44


Apollo 14 Moon Sycamore Tree Seeds

Vintage old stock

Fun for the space or garden enthusiast in your life.

Item # GS6 45

$ 39.00


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