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Star Gazer's Gift Shop

(weather permitting)

Gift Shop open 11 am- 2 pm every Friday.

Open for ticket sales: 11 am - 2 pm Fri. & Sat.

on SKY QUEST Program weekend.

For more information (909) 336-1699


All proceeds from our gift shop help sustain the educational activities and operational expenses of the MSAS Astronomy Village. Additionally, most items carried in our gift shop are integrated into our science education curriculum becoming a part of our "tools of science" program.


Buy an MSAS Star (fundraiser) Click HERE

MSAS Membership makes a great gift! Click HERE

Call 909-336-1699

to order using your credit card (VISA, MC, AmEx)

or for more information

send an email to stargazersmail@mountain-skies.org

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