The Elderhostel of March 2002  

"Yes, you are seeing

Comet Ikeya Zhang!"


They're here! Your photos:


The food is great,

so don't be late!


Photo grade: A+


Photo grade: A+

Katie Horstman, Elderhostel Coordinator

Famous baseball player, #14 Ft. Wayne Daisies '51-'54

Move piano--no problem.

Obtain projector--of course!

Great photo class model--outstanding!

Driver of big white van--done.

Locator of 4 layers of warm clothing--good try!

"Autograph how many photos?"

"How many want oatmeal?"

Grade: A +squared!


Not a leaf to be found,

only a needle.


Photo grade: A+


The Board Walk of

Lake Arrowhead.


Photo grade: A+


Reflected trees and just

the right amount of

snow showing.


Photo grade: A+



Hunting Big Foot?


Photo grade: A+


Waterfall outside

the meeting room.


Photo grade: A+


The entrance to the

Lake Arrowhead Resort.


Photo grade: A+