MSAS Star Atlas Remodeled & upgraded

We are proud to announce that MSAS has a new MSAS Star Atlas!

Integrated into the new MSAS Star Atlas is state-of-the-art technology that is

astronomically amazing!

Final software implementation was completed in April of 2009. 1000's of MSAS Stars displaying contributors names from around the world are now accessible and viewable on the updated

MSAS Star Atlas!

A new high definition wall size monitor is mounted inside a framed and covered display. Appropriate electrical and computer cords are attached inside. A user friendly command and control station is installed. This makes possible navigation and access to astronomical objects, constellations, current planet positions, visiting comets, assorted images from 7 primary National Observatories and of course MSAS star names on this exclusive Star Atlas, and so much more!!!

Our test drive of the system yielded spectacular images of stellar proportion!

The newly remodeled MSAS Star Atlas is functioning!

A view from the Command and Control Station.

Surrounded by the MSAS Library, the MSAS Star Atlas commemorates contributors from around the world. Their support has made it possible to construct the MSAS Astronomy Village and sustain its unique public education programs in the sciences. Let us add your name to an MSAS Star on this unique Star Atlas.

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Be a Star at MSAS!

Get your name on the MSAS Star Atlas today!

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All proceeds benefit the ongoing educational activities at the

MSAS Astronomy Village.

MSAS is a Calif. nonprofit, educational organization. 501(c) (3)

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