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A 4th grade class from Lake Arrowhead Elementary School are seen here participating in our Mars 3D slide presentation. After the slide show they were shown an actual Mars meteorite under the microscope.


Hands-on activities are provided to encourage students to understand science by "doing" science.

(top left) Zero gravity is simulated while a student (wearing an MSAS Astronaut suit) stands on a movable platform.

(top right) Students make a telescope.

(left) While driving the MSAS Sojourner (a scaled model of the JPL Mars rover), students learn telemetry.



The outdoor educational experience includes telescope use, making meteorite impacts in a sand box, safe solar viewing with an 8" solar telescope, rocket launching using air, kite making and flying, a scaled solar system, navigation with a compass and so much more.

These young scientists-to-be were watching boats out in the Pacific Ocean from their vantage point at the MSAS Astronomy Village.


NASA's Lunar Sample under the microscope reveals new insight for everyone accessing the "tools of science" at the MSAS Astronomy Village


The Elderhostel International Program participants view the universe in another dimension.

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MSAS Educational

Program Fees

Each program has a duration of two hours.


With MSAS Classroom
(35 person minimum)

Students: $4.50 ea.
Adults: $6.50 ea.

Without MSAS Classroom membership:
(35 person minimum)

Students: $5.00 ea.
Adults: $7.00 ea.

Observatory facility is included with scheduled classes, weather permitting. Daytime programs include safe solar viewing and a discussion of the mechanics of a functioning observatory. Evening programs include night sky viewing and a discussion of the mechanics of a functioning observatory.


$35.00 ea.
(15 person minimum)

Additional charges if special materials are required.

Program Topics

The following MSAS Astronomy Village educational program subjects consist of a lively lecture, dramatic slide show, unique demonstrations, and question/answer session:


This program explores the ABC's of astronomy. We survey our solar system, learn simple navigation techniques, review telescope basics, and share the personal experience of astronomy.

METEORITES: Alien Rocks From Space.

Learn about meteorite impact craters that are found around the world. Is a shooting star really a meteor? Want to hold a real alien in your hand? How are comets related to meteors? Did an asteroid really cause the extinction of the Dinosaur? We will answer these questions and much more.


Learn how telescopes work by constructing a functioning instrument. Our reusable telescope kits produce a complete 40mm telescope, similar to Galileo’s first instrument.


Are you interested in learning how to locate celestial objects with a telescope or binoculars? This comprehensive program includes practical hands on experience and information about telescope function, cleaning, adjustments, accessories and navigation techniques.


Learning to navigate the sky CAN be fun. Join this program and navigate the night sky with our tried and true methods. We point out star patterns in the night sky with the help of green laser technology.


How big is the Universe? What is a blackhole? Where are stars born?
Envision your place in the Universe with our tour of the cosmos.


What do the most powerful telescopes around the world look like? See images of the Keck I telescope of the Mauna Kea Observatories in Hawaii, the space-based Hubble Telescope, and "El Radar", Arecibo Observatory, a 1000' radio telescope constructed in a natural canyon in the rain forest of Puerto Rico.


SPECIAL PROGRAM (Discussion Based Format)

Please Choose One: Spacecraft, Cosmology (Big Bang), Theories Of
Relativity, String Theories, Critical Thinking In Science, Lunar
Exploration, New Developments In Science And Their Application.


Please choose one by grade level and subject:
Telescopes, Planetariums, Spectrometers, Classroom, Curriculum Development.

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With the Robert Brownlee Observatory completed, we are offering expanded programming to include a tour, functions and viewing from the Observatory. Click HERE to see observatory.


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