MSAS Star Atlas

Mail-in Order Form

Hint: set your printer, "page set-up" at 80% to down load this form

onto one sheet.

Please print out this order form, clearly fill it in, enclose payment and mail to:

MSAS Star Atlas Program - P.O. Box 1169

Lake Arrowhead, CA. 92352

or call us at:

(909) 336-1699


We accept: VISA, MASTERCARD and American Express


Mailing Address: __________________________


City: _________________________State:_____

Country: __________________Zip: __________

Home Phone Number:______________________

Work Phone Number:______________________

Bill my: ___VISA, ___MC, ___AMEX

Account # _______________________________

Card Expires: ______________


Payment enclosed $ _________________

Make checks/MO payable to:

Mtn. Skies Astronomical Society

Type A Star

Star Category: (circle one)

$45.(SOLD OUT)

+ $100. + $500. + $1,000. + $2,500. + $5,000.

(+ S/H $8.50 each Star)

Star Location: (Please give two choices)

  1. _______________________________________

  2. _______________________________________

  3. _________________Please select a star for me.

Name my star:


Type B Star

Star Category: $25.00

+ S/H $8.50

Name my star:



__________ Custom MSAS Map to locate star: $10.00 ea.

___________ Special pre-notification letter: $15.00 ea.

Exclusive MSAS commemorative coins:

_______ Antique Bronze: $ 10.00 (includes USPS ground postage)

Silver (.999 troy ounce): $SOLD OUT (includes USPS ground postage)

Shipping/handling (per star)

2-3 day Priority US mail: $8.50

US MAIL Overnight: $26.50

CALL for charges outside the USA.

Double all shipping/handling charges for non-US deliveries.

Normal order processing takes about 2 weeks, plus delivery time. Let us know when you need your star order and we will try and meet your request.

Thank you for your support of Mountain Skies Astronomical Society and the MSAS Astronomy Village!